My New Book Has Been Published!

I know I promised my next blog post (this blog post, in fact) would be on the Moore Defeat, but I have something more exciting to write about this week, so the Moore Defeat will have to wait until next time.

My newest book, Our Honored Dead: History of the National Cemetery at London, Kentucky, has been published and is now available for purchase!

I’ve been working on it since last November, so to finally have it finished and published and available for purchase is quite exciting for me!

You can find it on the “Books I’ve Written” page on my website (just follow the link in the book title above or the page name in this sentence for easy access).

The book gives a detailed account of the history of the Breastworks Hill Cemetery from its earliest beginnings before the Civil War to its most recent burial in the spring of 2016.

The cemetery was one of five parcels of land the Kentucky State Legislature deeded to the United States in 1867 for the purpose of establishing five national cemeteries in Kentucky.

During the Civil War, the cemetery played a crucial role in the August 17, 1862 Battle of London, which is recounted in detail in Chapter 3.

Although it is no longer a national cemetery, the old graveyard is still an integral part of local history and genealogy. Inside these pages is a comprehensive listing of all burials that have taken place in this old graveyard, compiled by meticulous research through a number of sources, including existing tombstone inscriptions, historical and archaeological surveys, military records, newspaper archives, funeral home records, death certificates, family histories and more.

A must-have for any Civil War enthusiast, this book is also an invaluable resource for hard-to-find information about the numerous military and civilian burials in the old cemetery.

It is currently only available in print format, but I may have it available as an e-book in the near future, especially if the demand is there.

But for right now, you can order it in print and have it in a few days.

OR, if you will be at the Battle of Camp Wildcat Reenactment on October 15-16, I will have a few autographed copies there for sale. And, if you can catch up with me at the reenactment, I’ll be glad to personalize your copy!

There will probably be a book signing event in the near future, so I’ll keep you posted.

Next time, the Moore Defeat. Unless something else more exciting comes up–again.

Thanks for stopping by!

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