Genealogy Center

Genealogical Research:
Experienced volunteer genealogy research staff is available to assist visitors in locating information pertaining to your genealogy research. Staff is also knowledgeable about DNA genealogy research.

If you are unable to visit but would like research to be initiated, please e-mail us at or send a letter to our mailing address: Laurel County History Museum & Genealogy Center, Inc., P.O. Box 3004, London, KY 40743.

We will provide approximately one hour of research at no cost except for photocopies (25 cents each) and shipping and handling charges. It helps if you ask specific questions and give us enough information to permit us to do the research. It is also important to include contact information for us to contact you when or if questions arise. Since the Center is all volunteers you may not get an immediate reply, but we will get to your request as soon as possible.

Should you need more in-depth research, we encourage you to make arrangements to come to the facility. If this is not an option, research time may be purchased for a fee depending on what is needed. Arrangements will have to be made on an individual basis.

Artifact and Document Storage:
We will gladly make copies of family photos at no charge and store them and perhaps place them on display on occasion. We also accept donations of photographs, documents, and artifacts. Remember, the Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and thus donations that have a monetary value are tax deductible.

Microfilm records:
16 reels early Knox County, KY records

4 reels early Clay County, KY records

7 reels early Fincastle County, VA records

7 reels early Botetourt County, VA records

12 reels early Pulaski County, KY records

7 reels early Rockcastle County, KY records

5 reels early Whitley County, KY records

15 reels Military records (KY)

5 reels KY birth, death & marriage records

Eastern Cherokee Application and Index to Claim for Reimbursement

27 reels early Laurel County, KY records

21 reels early Laurel County, KY newspapers

12 reels early Fayette County, KY newspapers

8 reels early Richmond, KY newspapers

6 reels early Rockcastle County, KY newspapers

28 reels early Whitley County, KY newspapers

3 reels Tennessee state records

10 reels miscellaneous family files

Other Records:

7 file cabinets of family files, church and school records

11 bookcases filled with books, periodicals, family histories and other research materials

numerous files and books on the Civil War


Numerous back issues of the Kentucky Explorer Magazine